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Dennis Feeback On March - 31 - 2013

sim city

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5. Quality control does not matter.
Am I on crack? How can this be true? Easily! EA and Maxis have shipped a broken, crippled shell of a game. And they had no idea this was going to happen? Really? You know they play tested the hell out of the game and its always on internet requirement. So what happened? More than likely they did not try at all to overload the servers. In other words the QC department only did minimal testing and sent it down the line. But do you know what the truly frightening thing is? The next time EA needs to save money, what do you think will be cut? That’s right, QA. Why waste the money when you’re paying customers will do it for you. They suck at their jobs anyway right?

sim city it room

4. People don’t buy what they want; they buy what you give them.
If you go by comments and reviews, the vast majority of people are not happy about full time online connections being required. Even when it works right, it’s a problem. Hell, some of us still don’t have proper internet. I live in a rural area and all I can get is satellite internet and only a 15 GB cap at that. There is no way in hell everyone can leave their internet on all the time. But who cares right? THEY want it on and everyone, even the people that griped and griped, bought it. And you know what the most messed up thing is? People are STILL buying it. EA knows if people want the game they will buy it no matter what.

sim city justice

3. Why defend yourself when your “fans” will do it for you.
When the game collapsed into the clusterf@#k we all know and love. EA and Maxis repeatedly refused to admit there was a problem. And you know what? They didn’t have to. The EA and Sim City fan boys flooded message boards praising a game they could not play and a company that shafted them out of their money. And they were damn glad to do it! To this day you can try and criticize the game and you will be buried in hate before you know it. Someone at Maxis finally admitted fault but I don’t think they had to. EA somehow missed firing someone with conscience and they felt they had to say something.

sim city fanboys

2. Pre-orders are vitally important.
Sim City had a large number of pre-orders piled up on launch day. Thus EA knew they had a hit before they even had to support the game. In the future EA will likely push harder to get those pre-orders so that more people will all ready be locked in. Get the money first and they can’t do anything right? Well they could ask for a refund…

sim city line

1. You can get out of giving refunds.
As soon as the Sim City servers started crashing and people couldn’t play their game, some folks started demanding refunds. Some fool at EA issued a statement that you could get one then removed all the phone numbers off their forums and websites. If you did manage to be a sleuth and get a hold of them you were denied by “customer service”. Nice! Finally, a free game was offered to people affected. But it was a game so old that if you wanted it, you would have bought it all ready. Nothing like a “bonus” you didn’t want. Amazon felt so bad, they stopped selling the game. If a corporation decides to stop selling something that is movies mass numbers that should tell you something is seriously wrong.

sim city board room

To all you folks out there that defended EA and Maxis. Thank you. Thank you for proving once again that we are cattle and we live only to be abused. Thank you for making sure future releases will be buggy as hell. Thank you for making us customers paying quality assurance agents. And finally, thank you EA for proving to Microsoft that they can get away with this crap with the new Xbox.

sim city patrol

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One Response

  1. Pixel says:

    Yes! This article is SPOT ON!

    EA doesn’t give a crap about you, the gaming industry or quality of their own games. As long as we keep giving them our money, they will continue to see how much screwing we will take.

    And so far no amount is too much!

    Please gamers, don’t support EA.

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