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Dennis Feeback On January - 6 - 2013

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Director: Paul Campion
Writers: Paul Finch (screenplay), Paul Campion (screenpla
Stars: Craig Hall, Matthew Sunderland and Gina Varela
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devils rock dvd

What they say: Two Kiwi commandos are assigned to the Channel Islands to blow up a giant gun at a beach head fortress. But once inside the foreboding structure they hear unearthly screams and investigate the dark tunnel system to discover the cause. There they find the head of Hitler’s occult Gestapo squadron who has been experimenting with incantations from an ancient tome to allow a succubus to cross over from Hell. It’s all part of a master plan to win the war on the eve of D-Day.

What I say: WWII has been mined pretty damn well in film. It seems like no other time period has been so overused, especially in the horror genre. But that is what caught me by surprise with The Devil’s Rock. Following two New Zealand commandoes as they engage in maneuvers designed to distract the Germans from Normandy.

devils rock 1

What begins as a seemingly simple straight forward Nazi film, quickly descends into a hellish nightmare. While sabotaging some artillery, the commandoes hear some screams and decide to investigate. What they find is a bunker full of dead Nazis, a woman who should be dead, and a lone Nazi survivor.

The film is very claustrophobic with only one location for most of the film; the bloody bunker. There are only three main actors and luckily they all turn in fantastic performances. In a piece like this it really falls on the actors to carry the film as so much focus is placed on each character. Makeup effects are also incredibly well done, especially the true form of the Demon. It’s nice to see traditional makeup effects in the day of CG.

devils rock featured

The film starts off slowly to draw you in and things get more and more harrowing as events proceed. Trust, betrayal and grief play a huge role in how things play out. Picture quality is excellent as well. Sound design is impressive and immerses you in the action.

Extras include Director Commentary, a behind the scenes, VFX breakdown, extended scenes, and outtakes.

Film: 8/10
DVD: 9/10

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