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Dennis Feeback On January - 9 - 2013

Hey now kids, sorry I couldn’t run this down earlier for you but here are some spoilers for Superior Spider-Man #1…


Courtesy of Bleeding Cool

superior spider-man 1 reveal

Yep, our old pal Peter Parker is still hanging around, like none of you seen this coming. In the issue a new Sinister Six is founded with a bunch of lame-o’s like The Shocker, Overdrive, and a new female Beetle.

Doc Spidey goes off to fight them but feels like the effort isn’t worth it and bails. He is shot down by Boomerang and accidentely saves a cop, thus he’s a hero again. Finally while out to dinner with Mary Jane he reveals he is secretly monitoring the Six and then leaves to disrupt their plans at Horizon Labs.

Doc Spidey dispatches them easilly and tries to beat Boomerang to death. However, a ghostly hand grabs him preventing him from finishing the deed. OY! It’s Peter Parkers ghost! He’s gonna keep Doc Spidey straight and come back he says! Sigh….

Also of note is this teaser saying Spider-Man gets “Fired!” presumaly from Horizon Labs and the Avengers.

superior spider-man fired

One would hope this applies to Dan Slott and Steve Wacker as well…

But with all this nonsense the master plan is seemingly revealed. Not content with the character selling his soul to the devil a few years ago, the team is seemingly destroying what little character development the character has enjoyed of late. OY! Spider-Man acting like a villain? The cops must get him! The Daily Bugle says he’s a menace! It’s Spider-Man he can’t be in the Avengers! He’s a solo character. Welcome back to 1978.

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