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Dennis Feeback On December - 6 - 2012

IFC Midnight
Director: Dick Maas
Writer: Dick Maas
Stars: Egbert Jan Weeber, Huub Stapel and Madelief Blanken
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What they say: The Saint Nick in this Dutch horror outing isn’t the toy-dispensing Santa Claus you know and love, but a bloodthirsty medieval bishop-turned-pirate who, with his “Black Peter” helpers, terrorized the locals. Burned alive centuries ago, Nick returns every December 5th with a full moon to continue his murderous ways, and this time everyone’s on his “naughty list.”

What I say: I don’t know about you but the Christmas spirit has been lacking to me in the last few tears. It’s just so commercial. So at Christmas time I like to bust out more appropriate films for my mood. SO with that in mind Saint Nick will be joining Rare Exports on my yearly viewing list.

The Saint Nick of Dutch legend wasn’t the cheery dude that brings presents. While he did give presents to the good boys and girls he tended to kill the bad ones. Saint Nick takes that one step further as Santa was killed by parents of bad kids and now when the moon is full on December 5th, he wreaks bloody vengeance with his band of zombie “Black Peters” (Isn’t that a film from Pink Eiga?) and on that night under the light of the full moon no one is safe.

During the last rampage one boy survived the massacre in his village and grew up to become a cop to try to stop him. Naturally no one believes him. As Saint Nick returns the man and a young boy must team up in order to put a stop to the rampage.

The film is extremely well written and executed. All the characters are fleshed out and all three sides of the conflict (The cop, Saint Nick and the government trying to keep a lid on it) get equal screen time. This makes for a fun twisty good time. The actors are all great in their parts. The production is really top notch right down the line.

While there is an air of fun about the whole thing, it is actually quite mean spirited. Adults and children alike are dispatched with wild abandon, so keep that in mind if you watch. The only special feature is the trailer.

Film: 8/10


This review, written by me, also appears at About Heroes.

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