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Dennis Feeback On April - 17 - 2014

Publisher: Maximum Games
Developer: System 3
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What they say: A timeless classic is reborn! Putty Squad returns in a reimagined, stunningly vibrant rendition of the popular platformer from the 90’s! Help the beloved blue blob rescue his friends in the quirky adventure that has you inflating, stretching, squishing, morphing, and punching your way to victory! Set in a lush, 2D world filled with humorous but deadly enemies, Putty Squad offers the best in old-school gaming while bringing you exciting and fully immersive, challenging gameplay.

putty squad 1Your fellow putties are in danger and it’s up to you to save them. Jump into the often outlandish, totally addicting, retro-licious game that has been completely redrawn and re-rendered with a modern twist. Featuring a brand new Tutorial Mode, new moves, global leaderboards, achievements and more, Putty Squad is back and better than ever.

What I say: I have vague recollections of playing the Putty games on the good ol’ SNES back in the day. 2-D platformers were the systems bread and butter and it was a fine example of the genre. Moving forward to today I am always looking for fun games to play with my son. When I was offered the chance to try Putty Squad I gladly agreed. The game has an odd reputation (You can find out more about that here) but at the end of the day System 3 has done a fine job of bringing this sleeper favorite back with a fresh coat of paint and that classic style of play.

Filled with bright colors and a cartoony design, Super Putty is the perfect putty squad 2game to attract young children to its world but it’s the platforming goodness that will draw the rest of us in. The game, while never unfair, does require a definite sense of challenge. While death rarely occurs from missing a jump you may have to give it a couple of tries to master it. The games two modes; Marathon and Challenge will keep you quite busy for a while. Marathon is the meat of the game as you progress from level to level, collecting stars, in order to complete the games story. Challenge tasks you with completing a series of challenges on the levels you have completed.

The only real issue I have with Putty Squad is the price. $30 seems a bit steep based on current prices for like games but getting a game like this in a retail release makes up for it. For those of you who grew up in the 90’s, this is pretty much a must buy. For everyone else there is plenty to like.

Rating: 7/10

Disclaimer: A retail copy of the game was provided to us for review from the publisher.

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