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Dennis Feeback On April - 3 - 2013

psych yourself logoPublisher: Crete Games

What they say: From the makers of the original Test Yourself: Psychology and its add-on packs Attention and Memory, the new and enhanced Psych Yourself comes fully loaded with interactive tests and games based on verified scientific methodologies. Combining psychological science with interactive fun, Psych Yourself delivers expert analysis of your Creativity, Emotional IQ, and Perception capabilities with recommendations for personal growth. Improve your inner self and Psych Yourself today!


What I say: Psych Yourself, the follow up to Test Yourself: Psychology, is another entry in the brain game genre. What sets this game apart, however, is that this is used as an evaluation tool instead of memory and brain exercises. There is something pretty cool about having a psych evaluation just from a game, as limited as it can be. At times it seemed to hit right on the head and at others it seemed to contradict something that was just stated.

psych yourself 1

There are several series of tests you can take and there are a good variety of tasks to keep things fresh. Also of note is how you can compare your evaluation to friends that have the game. As far as graphics go, they are pretty simple. On the tasks where you have to judge peoples emotions pictures are used. There are several different people and their facial expressions can be pretty humorous at times.

psych yourself 2

Psych Yourself can seem pretty limited but it is enjoyable as a diversion and the ability to rate your friends (and be rated), even if they don’t own the game is pretty cool. As usual Crete has delivered a family friendly game that can be enjoyed by all and shared.

Rating: 7/10


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