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Dennis Feeback On July - 28 - 2013


Hey now! Welcome to our second weekly column looking at the wide world of Playstation Mobile titles. This week we have three very diverse titles. Before we begin here are links to our previous Playstation Mobile reviews.

Life of Pixel
Ripstone Titles

And finally my fave Playstation Mobile title thus far…

Haunt the House: Terrortown

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Ok with the business out of the way let’s get started!

megablast logo

Developer: Super Icon Ltd.

What they say: Coming soon to PlayStation Mobile is MegaBlast! From the same makers of Life of Pixel, Super Icon’s latest title for PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Certified devices is MegaBlast.
So what is MegaBlast? It is an intense old school shooter game. You job is to take down waves and waves of aliens! Don’t worry, there is a wide variety of enemies and even bosses, also a upgrade system. Don’t forget the intense gameplay and the classic arcade visuals.

What I say: Before Street Fighter II consumed my soul, I was all about some space shooters. Stuff like R-Type, the Thunder Spirits series, Gate of Thunder and so on were always at the top of my play list. So when a new shump comes along I am always interested in checking it out, especially one From Super Icon who made the enjoyable platformer Life of Pixel.

megablast 1

The game certainly gets the visuals right. Looking suitably retro while sporting some interesting mechanics always makes for a fun time. The game plays like Space Invaders or Galaga with a twist. As you destroy ships you get tokens that you can use to upgrade aspects of your ship between levels. By using the Right Trigger you can also shift your ship from the bottom of the screen to the top, another press puts you back where you started. This really adds a new feel to this classic game type as you can tackle the waves of enemies from either perspective. Depending on the wave pattern, this can become a key element on how to tackle the game. The ship controls with either the d-pad or the left stick and it is very responsive and feels great.

megablast 2

Every few levels there is a giant boss ship to take on and they, like a lot of classic shumps, fill the screen with death and you have to use all your skills to get out alive. The game really shines as a respectful homage to the shooters of old all while bringing some freshness to the table. Now Super Icon has brought us a great shooter to back up their previous effort with platformers. I feel like Super Icon has a bright future and I really look forward to see what genre they tackle next.

Rating: 8/10


Developer: T.A.C.S. Games


What they say: Floribund is a match-three puzzle game. There are two modes and they’re both quite different. One is a calculated move-by-move game over which you can take your time and could, if you play right, go on forever. The other is a frantic points-all-over-the-place time trial mode.

What I say: Thomas Hopper is becoming one of the most profilic developers for Playstation Mobile. He is nearing his 10th release on the platform and his games are always interesting. One of his newest title is the match three puzzler Floribund. In this game you match three flowers and there are skulls that can get in the way or serve as a wild card. There are also golden skulls that destroy an entire line of flowers.

floribund 1

The game consists of two modes; Time Trial and Infinity. Time Trial is exactly how it sounds, you have 90 seconds to match as much as possible and get the highest score you can. Infinity goes by the same rules but it is now nearly as forgiving as time trial. There are more skulls to gum up the works and it costs points to get rid of them, this of course makes it harder to get a high score. The touchscreen controls work well, very responsive. Another cool feature is that you can take a picture with your Vitas (or phone) camera and use that picture to take the place of the golden skulls. Pretty cool!

There is no shortage of match 3 puzzle games in the world but Floribund, with its responsive controls and unique look are definitely worth your time.

Rating: 8/10


Flight of the Turtle
Developer: Jeff King Games

flight turtle

What they say: Watch out for trees, bees and birds as you navigate day and night living the turtle’s dream. Grab stars as fast as you can for optimum point advantages.

What I say: Flight of the Turtle has you playing the part of a dreaming turtle who files through a land filled with trees, birds and other obstacles trying to go as long as you can while gathering stars. You must be wary as and traverse the landscape as you only get one hit and it’s game over. The only control input during the game is the d-pad/left stick. The turtle controls well and it does not take long to discover how close you can cut things while gathering your stars.

flight turtle 1

The game has a cartoony style that suits the game well. The game is pretty simplistic and it really is perfect for a quick game every once in a while. This is not a game you will be playing in big chunks. For what it is, a simple time waster, it is very well done. Just take it as it is and don’t expect a deep game with loads of replay value.

Rating: 6/10


Hopefully you enjoyed this look at what Playstation Mobile has to offer. These games are available for Playstation Mobile certified devices and of course the PS Vita.

Be sure to support these great developers and A Darker Image and pick up a PSN card here!

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