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Dennis Feeback On July - 21 - 2013


We here at A Darker Image are big fans of the Playstation Mobile format. This is the first in a series of weekly columns that will look at some of the most interesting titles released. Some of my favorite games this year have been Playstation Mobile games and we hope to shine a light of this under promoted (and often unappreciated)format.

feed me oil

Feed me Oil
Publisher/Developer: Chillingo

What they say: When hunger strikes, strike oil! Welcome to a weird and wonderful place where the land is literally alive — and it’s starving! Your job is to get the oil from the broken pipe to the mouths of the strange creatures. It won’t be easy though, as you’ll need to use all sorts of fun tools, as well as your brains, to solve the puzzles.

What I say: Feed Me Oil is a pretty crafty example of the puzzle genre. The premise is quite simple, it is just as the title suggests. Oil starts running and you must use items and tools at your disposal in order to guide the oil to the mouths of the monsters that make up the game world. The game starts off simple enough with it being pretty obvious how to accomplish your task but as the game goes on over its nearly 80 levels the challenge ramps up considerably. You really have to use your brain to get to the end of this title.

feed me oil 1

This is definitely one of the better puzzle games available for PS Mobile and the game plays great with just the right amount of challenge. The game also offers a rough but effective art style that really complements the mechanics of the game.

Rating: 7/10

hermit crab in space

Hermit Crab in Space
Publisher/Developer: Golden Ruby Games

What they say: Hermit Crab in Space is a modular space shooter with a crustacean flare for PlayStation®Mobile. Players take control of a hermit crab who warped herself to the wrong sector. To get her back home, the player will have to fight their way through a galaxy of hostile sectors in an improvised ship that is never more than a few hits away from falling apart.

What I say: Hermit Crab In Space is the winner of the Playstation Mobile GameJam 2013. So with that in mind I was very much looking forward to checking it out. The game, about a crab lost in space, is a top down shooter in which you must defeat so many enemies to advance to the next sector thus making your way home. But there is a twist, when you start there really isn’t much to your ship. Its shots are not very powerful and it’s not very fast. However, as you destroy enemy ships you can take pieces of them and add them to your ship assigning a button to them as you add them. So by the time you take out a few enemy vessels you have multiple rockets and guns and things become more interesting. This mechanic really adds some variety to the game as your ships construction and abilities are completely up to you.

hermit crab in space 1

Graphicaly the game goes for an old school appeal and it does a fine job of that, it really feels like a shooter from the old days and that attention to detail is appreciated. Really the worse thing I can about the game is that once you really get the hang of it and have a really badass ship, the game is over. The game is pretty short with 8 levels but since your ship can be pretty different every time it does add some replay value.

Rating: 8/10


Publisher/Developer: F K Digital

What they say: Ultimate Ninja action game! Superb KILLING Pleasure
At cuts on all devils! Now! Presented by FK DIGITAL, It’s all in PlayStation®Mobile fair and square and shocking your eyes!
Riding among thousands of enemies, killing at leisure, easy to start, for all ages!
Amazing graphics and audios in awesome traditional Japanese style
Bringing you to another world where you crush the devils fast like thunder strikes.

And bosses of all kinds await by the end of each chapter.
Creatively designed chapters worth playing again and again.
Strengthen yourself with Magnificent Ninja skills and weapons
GO now! Go explore the art of Ninja, and you will find no limit there.

What I say: If you have played Draw Slasher for the Vita, this game will feel very familiar to you. In this game each level has multiple objectives that you must tackle one at a time so this means each level will have to be played several times. Basically the game throws wave after wave of enemies at you and you as an evil fighting ninja must kill them all. Each level ends when the objective you were given is fulfilled.

mononokeslashdown 1

 On the plus side the animation is very good for a mobile title, very fluid and the art style is cartoony but attractive to the eye. On the downside it is very repetitive and gets old long before you finish it. There really isn’t much variety in the missions or stages. Sure there are boss fights sprinkled throughout but really it’s too little too late. Also of not is the fact that game rocks some serious engrish. Translation is pretty bad in some spots and it muddles the experience.  Overall, the game isn’t terrible but there is a lot better out there.


Rating: 6/10


Hopefully you enjoyed this look at what Playstation Mobile has to offer. These games are available for Playstation Mobile certified devices and of course the PS Vita.

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