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Dennis Feeback On September - 3 - 2013

Publisher: Crete Studios
Developer: Zubella Studios
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ms germinator 1What they say: Ms. Germinator takes domestic cleaning to new extremes! Inflate and pop colonies of colorful germs growing on your stuff while skillfully using the new power-germs to devastating effect. There are literally hundreds of challenging levels in Campaign, Puzzle, Arcade and Duel multiplayer modes all in serious need of disinfection. Have you got what it takes to 3-star them all? Frozen and contagious germs muddy the waters while teleporters and circular reflectors will make your brain hurt. Heck, there’s even a Challenge Mode where brand new levels will be delivered regularly, free of charge, for your edification! Use physical controls or get up close and personal with those pesky germs using intuitive touch-screen taps for aiming.

What I say: A few months ago Germinator dropped on the PS3 and it was a ms germinator 2pretty decent take on the bubble popping puzzle game. We reviewed it here. Now, like Pac-Man, in the fine arcade tradition of female centric sequels Crete brings us Ms. Germinator. The story has you working at house next door from the Germinator house for Ms. Germinator. The game is set up pretty much the same as you complete levels to unlock others and you can get one to three stars for completing said levels. There are two main modes; Story, that is the main meat of the game and Puzzle which adds a little more strategy playing the levels. Arcade and Duel modes return as well. But new this time out is the Challenge mode. In this mode a new puzzle is offered every week and your score ranks in your region. The best score is champion for the week and then it starts anew.

Controls are the same as before. On the PS3 version you use the left stick to aim your shot, but on the Vita you can use touch controls. This makes the game, to me anyway, a lot better on the Vita as with the touch controls it seems like you have far greater accuracy in making your shots.

ms germinator 3Graphics wise the game looks pretty much the same but it works. THe game also supports cross save which is good as you can keep at it no matter where you are. There are a few additions to the levels themselves like the before mentioned starts there are also new germ colors with new abilities as well as new things to get in your way like teleporters and reflective surfaces. These new additions also make enough differences to take the plunge if you have played Germinator. But if you got it recently on Plus there might not be enough differences for you to take the plunge. Keep in mind that the new additions do freshen up the game and it is a lot of fun.

Rating: 8/10

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