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Dennis Feeback On February - 15 - 2013

Publisher: Digital Leisure

mad dog mccree

What they say: Only one gunslinger can stop a Mad Dog gone wild… and that’s you, partner. When the ruthless outlaw Mad Dog McCree goes on a rampage with a nasty pack of wanted fugitives, they leave death in their wake.

Mad Dog McCree and his band of cutthroats have ridden into town, kidnapped the Mayor and his daughter, and taken them to his hideout. These hombres are mean and vicious. What this town needs is a gunslinger to spray a little lead in harm’s way. Relive the gunpowder glory of the Wild West with American Laser Games Arcade Classic Mad Dog McCree!

What I say: I can still remember when Mad Dog McCree hit arcades. Featuring the same kind of laserdisc technology as games like Dragon’s Lair, Mad Dog McCree used its live action video to make you feel like you were part of a Western experience. Taking the light gun game a step further, Mad Dog McCree made things feel more personal and I ate it up. Now here we are in 2013 facing down Mad Dog and his crew again, how does the old man stand up?

mad dog mccree 1

The first thing I noticed upon firing up the game is how damn good the video looks and the sound quality is amazing. It could have been shot yesterday, very impressive! The game plays pretty much the same as I remember. Digital Leisure wisely subscribes to the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” school of thought. The classic game is faithfully restored and there are a couple of new multiplayer modes to mix everything up. It should also be mentioned that a PS Move controller is REQUIRED to play this game. This is the only input supported and you CANNOT use a controller. The Move works great as a stand-in for your trusty sidearm and calibrates great. You will not be able to blame your missed shots on the controller this time.

mad dod mccree 2

Mad Dog McCree was a fun walk down memory lane. Even if you have never played it before, it’s still worth a look as it’s a great shoot-em-up that despite being over 20 years old still holds up as a fun game.

Mad Dog McCree is available on Playstation Network for $9.99.

Rating: 8/10

Would you like to win a PSN download voucher for this fun game? Drop me an e-mail at dennis (at) adarkerimage.com with the name of your favorite western. Tuesday February 19th at 8:00 PM EST I will draw a winner. Winner will be notified by e-mail and posted here!

Updated 02/19/2013: I printed out all the e-mails, threw them in a bag and drew a winner! And that winner is…

Michael S. Mayfield!

Thanks to everybody who entered! Also thanks to Digital Leisure for providing the prize!

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