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Dennis Feeback On April - 11 - 2013

lips of blood

Lips of Blood
Director: Jean Rollin
Writers: Jean Rollin, Jean-Loup Philippe
Stars: Jean-Loup Philippe, Annie Belle and Natalie Perrey
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What they say: In the most personal of Jean Rollin’s moody, erotic horror films, a man tries to solve the riddle of a vague childhood memory, which leads him in pursuit of a beautiful vampire, and the revelation of a horrible family curse.

lips of blood 1

What I say: Here we have Jean Rollins take on a “family drama”. In this film we tackle childhood memory and the mysteries of family. This film is somber and dream-like. The film, while just about dialog free, does a fine job of setting the stage and unraveling the mystery. Very odd and very erotic. This is by no means Rollins best film, but it is quite good and is different than the others.
As with all the new Redemption Blu-Rays Lips of Blood looks great. It blows all previous DVD editions out of the water. There is light film damage and dirt, but the transfer more than makes up for it. Gorgeous, it really shines with the moody atmosphere.

Film: 8/10
Blu-Ray: 9/10

fascination blu

Director: Jean Rollin
Writer: Jean Rollin
Stars: Franca Maï, Brigitte Lahaie and Jean-Marie Lemaire
(From imdb.com)

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What they say: The masterpiece of renowned French filmmaker Jean Rollin, FASCINATION follows a swaggering thief who hides out in a lavish chateau, holding the occupants at gunpoint. When night falls, he realizes that these two maids are not only deadlier than he imagined, but are gatekeepers to a ring of women with a thirst for blood.

fascination 1

What I say: Fascination is Jean Rollins most accessible film. The usual dream like state is sidelined by an almost cohesive plot. To sum it up; Lesbian vampires fight off a home invasion. But it’s so much more than that. Beautiful, lyrical and haunting, this film moves along at a crisp pace and definitely keeps you guessing and watching.
Unlike most Rollin films there are some actual scares, not just mood. This is Rollins pivotal work and with some stunning and iconic visuals, this is THE Rollin film to watch.

Also the performance, usually nonexistant in Rollin films, are actually quite good this time out.

As with the other Redemption Blu-Rays, there is light print damage and some dirt but the transfer is fantastic and makes up for any other shortcomings.

Film: 9/10
Blu-Ray: 9/10

 Both films are highly recommended!

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