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Dennis Feeback On December - 24 - 2012

Crete Studios

labyrinth legends

What they say: Are you daring enough, crafty enough, powerful enough to become a legend? Brave the mysterious tunnels, mystical crypts and maniacal creatures of Labyrinth Legends, the quirky and addictive new arcade action-adventure from Creat Studios. Explore hidden catacombs and ancient tombs of lost civilizations while evading concealed traps and solving an array of intuitive puzzles. Collect gold and discover hidden treasure, weapons, artifacts and more as you stay alert to battle foreboding mummies, zombies, ghouls and other monsters seeking to defend their turf. Prove yourself as the greatest adventurer amongst your friends with leaderboards, full Trophy support and three different local multiplayer modes for up to four players. A unique combination of crisp graphics and dazzling visuals, inviting exploration, tricky puzzles, and exciting monster-slashing arcade action makes Labyrinth Legends the most thrilling game on PlayStation®Network!

What I say: Crete Studios has been a supporter of Sony and the PSN for quite some time. Their games run a wide range of genres and you never what to expect from them when a new game is announced. Around here at A Darker Image Tower Crete Studios are pretty popular, we still play multiplayer Mushroom Wars to this day. So we were pretty excited to check out Labyrinth Legends.


The game, about a new groom who must rescue his wife from a mysterious dark force, is a top down dungeon crawler. It, at first glance, seems to have a Guantlet feel but it quickly proves that is not the case. You must explore multiple dungeons to find hidden stars, those stars go toward unlocking more dungeons. Treasure and equipment is also scattered around for you to find. The games creature and puzzle elements start off pretty easy but as the game goes on the difficulty ramps up with each successive dungeon. It’s never so hard you’ll scream but the challenges are both brain bending and fun.

Labryinth Legends is a pretty good looking game. Its vibrant and cartoony graphics definitely complement the games vibe. It’s not overly flashy but it does get the point across quite nicely. The art style is unique and that is a welcome change.

labyrinth legends featured

There’s a lot to like about Labryinth Legends. A lot of PSN games are too short or not deep enough, but Crete has succeeded once again and crafted a fun take on a beloved genre.

Rating: 8/10

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