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Dennis Feeback On October - 26 - 2013

As of this writing the next age of gaming begins on November 15th for Playstation fans and November 22nd for Xbox fans (And before you ask, Wii U does not count) and all ready it seems like the wheels are coming off. Scandals abound for both systems and no matter which way you go you are losing something you were likely looking forward to.


Let’s start with the PS4. Driveclub, the premier racing game for the system was suddenly delayed only a month before launch. Normally this would not be that big of a deal but Sony has been pushing this game as the second coming of racing and they even went so far as to promise it as a free Playstation Plus game day 1, Can you say embarrassing? How could they be that close to launch and not know before it was not going to make it? This whole thing just smacks of incompetence, and I love Sony!

And a couple of days ago my personal deal breaker came along. The PS4 will NOT support suspend/resume at launch. Knowing Sony that could mean never. We all know how they love to strip out features as the systems age, what is to say that they ever go back and add it. Feels shady to me. REAL shady. Not to mention there is a day 1 patch just so the damn thing will do what it’s supposed to. Didn’t we crucify Microsoft for this just a while back?

spybox one

Speaking of Xbox One, things continue to look bad over Microsofts way. After telling us they would spy on us and keep you from actually using your system and games how they should be at E3 they backed off and said they would be nice. Now Microsoft would NEVER lie or mislead consumers, right? RIGHT??? In addition to being $100 higher than PS4 in the worst economy ever the SpyBox One is having trouble hitting 1080p on several big games. What games you ask? Only Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4, you know the big sellers for any system. It’s also said that Microsoft’s own Killer Instinct is only 720p! Man I can’t wait to upgrade! Oh wait, could it be considered an upgrade if games run at the same resolution as the 360? Sigh.

Oh and looking forward to Forza 5? Hope you have good, uncapped internet as the game is only partially on the disc, you have to download the rest day 1. Yay technology? But at least they will not be any DLC on the disc. What about the power of the magical clouds? If you believe that nonsense, Ouya has unicorn power. For reals.

blast processing

The original Sonic the Hedgehog on Sega Genesis claimed to have a “blast processor” to make it better than Nintendo. Well it didn’t and it wasn’t. The cloud is todays blast processing, just you wait and see.

And the systems themselves are not the only ones having problems. Ubisoft at the last minute delayed Watch_Dogs, another case of how did you not know this before? Bundels were sold of PS4 with the game and much confusion and screwed up orders ensued. Watch_Dogs must REALLY be fucked up as Ubisoft are some greedy dudes. They’ll ship anything. That does make you wonder what games will be rushed out garbage (With day 1 patches! Hell yeah!).

All this nonsense has done is make me leery of jumping. I will head out on the 15th and if I can find a PS4 whenever I get up I’ll get one but I’m not chasing it, at least until Infamous Second Son if it doesn’t get delayed…

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  1. Kamille says:

    launch line-ups are always made of rushed games. Just 2 months ago MS was still tweaking the the clock speeds of the CPU and GPU… We still don’t even know the clock speeds of the PS4 either.

    • mrimpatient35 says:

      I agree. I think it’s too early to make statements like this. These are only launch games. If the same things happen next year, THEN you can make statements like this. After we have a good amount on games out. Not before.

  2. Slay says:

    Next Gen sucks if you’re getting a playstation. Next gen will will be magnificent if you are getting a xbox one.

  3. dakan45 says:

    Well, this is a load of trash.

    The truth is that both consoles are weak in order to be affordable.

    Ms and sony cant spend billions each year in research and development to make decent hardware so they gone to the giants like amd and nvidia.

    amd has confirmed that xbox one and ps4 are weaker than their decent hardware since their hardware are far more expensive to develop and more powerfull thus expensive.

    Next gen is gloryfied APU laptops.

    Now is that a bad thing? NO. Games look good enough, but they dont play well, id take a graphically unimpressive game with 1080p 60fps and GOOD gameplay than a movie-game that wastes unecessary space on my HDD any day.

    I say this because Games seem to take 50gb next gen and both ps4/xbox one will have 500gb HDD.

    This time the jump will be smaller than last time, because as bioware said, games cost alot, if they made a TRUE next gen experiancd, it would need 10 million sales.

    Games are too expensive they need to be cheap, this “next gen” needs to focus on gameplay, not graphics and cinematic story, or games will become TOO expensive.

    So what features each console supports and how god the graphics will be, are both irrelevant, because if games are too expensive to make, you will get less games that will play alike to ensure sales.

    • Dennis Feeback says:

      “Games are too expensive they need to be cheap, this “next gen” needs to focus on gameplay, not graphics and cinematic story, or games will become TOO expensive.”

      I completely agree with this. As for the rest of it, not so much. If the jump isn’t going to be that great then why bother making the leap?

  4. mikey says:

    the days where the industry was for gamers by gamers is dead and gone…anyone clutching onto those pipedreams will certainly be disappointed with next gen same as they probably were with this one since this gen is where profits were put 10 levels above creativity and quality…get used to sub-par hardware,a never ending stream of sequels and knockoffs,phrases like accessibility,pay to win,tacked on dlc being associated with pretty much every game that gets released…understand that almost every game you buy day one will be a broken mess and require a day one patch(not to mention the 10 subsequent patches to fix the things the previous patch broke)…wait patiently for the industry to collapse on its self the same as it did the last time it took on this philosophy back in the 80’s,and hope it rebounds with only passionate people running it so you can enjoy a few more golden years before the process starts all over again :)

  5. Pro says:

    Just but this site down along with the author

  6. Col says:

    I got a WiiU. By definition it is next gen.And interesting to see the wheels falling off the uber hyped XB1 n PS4. I got a PC, and will likely never have either those systems.

  7. Truth says:

    $0N¥ PauperStation Foul can GTFO of business. They’re all lies, overhype and underdeliver.

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