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Dennis Feeback On March - 1 - 2013

Publisher/Developer: SFB Games

haunt the house terrortown

What they say: …What was that sound? Is somebody there? Leave the dusty halls of an abandoned clock tower to haunt your way through a town in the dead of night. Your ghost can possess objects with his soul! Will you be able to scare everyone away and reclaim what has been lost…before the night is over?

What I say: When I first heard about Haunt the House: Terrortown I thought now here is a game right up my alley. Playing a ghost trying to scare a town full of people sounded pretty damn fun. The game consists of five locations a clock tower, where you start, and four areas that range from a museum to a casino boat. Ever area has 20 people in it for you to scare the pants off of. There are tons of objects for your ghost to possess, each object can do several things but you have to build up the scare meter in order to fully utilize each object to its fiendish potential. The game while pretty dark is quite funny as well.

haunt the house terrortown 1

The first time you see someone get so scared they jump out of a window and kill themselves, you won’t know whether to gasp or laugh yourself silly. The ultimate goal is to run all the folks out of each house or area, either by scaring them, killing them or they commit suicide. By doing this you unlock other ghosts to play as. The ghost all play the same but it is cool to fly another ghost here and there.

haunt the house terrortown 2

The games design is really quite brilliant and it’s just perfect for a mobile game. You can spend either a few minutes or blow through the whole game. Now, this game is fairly short, but you will find yourself playing through it again to raise your grades you get for each house. I will tell you this, it is well worth the $3.49 on the Playstation Mobile store. The AI can be a little off as sometimes the people will stroll right by an odd occurrence but that’s minor. Most of the time the people act like people getting scared and alarming others that can lead to a panic and then the game gets really fun.

haunt the house terrortown 3

While the game design is awesome, the real star of the show is the cute yet evil minded art design. It gives the game a unique look that’s really adds to the experience. The sound design and music are very well done as well, also adding to the games frightful yet fun atmosphere. This game is one of the most fun games I have played in a long time. The simple joy of scaring instead of being scared goes a long way in making this a memorable romp.

Haunt the House: Terrortown is available on PS Vita and Playstation Mobile devices.

Rating: 9/10
Highly Recommended!

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  1. Derek says:

    Nice job stealing the pictures with no credit.
    I just saw those on another review.

  2. Dennis Feeback says:

    Um…thanks? I grabbed them from Google Images, I assumed they came from developer. Which site was it? I would be glad to give them full credit. Drop me an e-mail at dennis (at) adarkerimage.com please.

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