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Dennis Feeback On March - 8 - 2013

Publisher: Creat Studios
Developer: Zubella Studios


What they say: Something messy is festering in suburbia, and only one hero can save the day! Germinator twists the bubble genre, wiping away old school match-three. Crash germ bubbles into those of the same color. Combine and grow them until they explode in a splattering goop. Trigger power-ups to pop them all and mess up the screen. Timing and accuracy are the keys to solving puzzles and preventing the germs from rising too high. 75 story levels will keep you coming back to clean every room in the house and 75 puzzle levels will test your crafty sanitization skills. Local multiplayer lets you battle your friends or the AI for sterilization supremacy. Unlimited arcade mode provides an onslaught of gooey germs to disinfect. Add Playstation®Move motion controller support and full 1080p for a messy good time. Join the cleansing battle with the Germinator now!

What I say: Starting off with a hokey Arnold-like character, I wasn’t sure what to make of Germinator. You play the Germinators assistant and using The Germ-away 3000, you play your way through many levels over two modes; Story and Arcade. The game is a riff on the matching bubble popping games. And it is just as engaging as the best of those. However, unlike those other games Germinator throws a twist at us. You just don’t match the balls to the germs, each ball of the same color makes the germ grow bigger until it explodes, taking out other germs and some black goop that keeps the germs raising toward the top of the screen. If it reaches the top, game over.

germinator 1

This game is challenging, you really don’t have time to mess around you have to get your skills on and take care of business quick or you will be overwhelmed. But the thing about the game is that the germs are always in the same place and you always get the balls in the same order. I’m quite ashamed to say that it took me far too long to actually notice that. But once you figure that out it does alleviate the challenge a bit.

germinator 2

Story mode finds you going through all the rooms of a house cleaning up, puzzle mode puts you through the wringer and arcade mode just goes for it and keeps coming. And finally there is local multiplayer. So there is quite a bit to keep you busy and with the fun factor and challenge associated with it, it does last a bit. But once you beat it, I’m not so sure there is any reason to replay it since everything stays the same every game.

germinator 3

The germinator, despite it’s very hokey story, is pretty damn fun and it’s another fine addition to the Playstation Network. There is also a Vita version available. Germinator is available now.

This review was written using a European copy of the game, as far as we know there are no differences between this version and the US version.

Rating: 7/10


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