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Dennis Feeback On February - 2 - 2014

Developer: Housemarque
Publisher: Beatshapers
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What they say: Lead the Furmins through over 100 ingeniously designed and visually stunning levels. Furmins provides hours of brain-twisting fun for fans of physics-based puzzle games.

Guide all the Furmins to the basket (level exit) by re-arranging a variety of items and using bumpers with well-timed precision. Wisely place items to create pathways and physical chain reactions which help the Furmins reach their goal while earning Star points to unlock new Levels.

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What I say: Putting a unique spin on the Lemmings formula, Furmins tasks you with moving the objects in a given level in order to guide said Furmins toward the level exit. You are given time to arrange everything before you hit the play button and let the little guys roll to either their doom or the exit. In addition to simply getting out there are candies to collect that up your score. There are a total of three stars to be earned in each level and getting these and as well finishing the levels quickly and saving all your Furmins determine how many stars you get. The more stars you get the more levels you unlock.

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The game is entirely controlled by using the Vitas touchscreen. This works well to place your objects and save the Furmins. Visually, the game features detailed backgrounds and the levels themselves are rendered in HD and look great. The music is also well suited to the game. There are 100 levels to guide the little guys through so there is plenty of play for your gaming dollar. Furmins by no means reinvents the wheel but if you are a fan of puzzle games this one will surely strike your fancy.

Rating: 7/10

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Disclaimer: A PSN code for the game was provided to us for review from the publisher.

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