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Scot Woods On March - 31 - 2013

Publisher/Developer: I-Friqiya

fuel overdose

What they say: • Action: From the large array of upgradable weapons one can expect for such a game, Fuel Overdose also features innovative and fun weapons and game mechanics such as grappling hooks that can be used in different ways, bomb detonators, and a whole fighting system that offers unique skills moves and attacks to each character of the game.
• Tactical: The choices made before and during the race have a real impact on your chances of success. Whether you play offense or defense, Fuel Overdose leaves no room for luck and features a resource management system for the vehicles and weaponry, a super/ultra attack gauge inherited from the combat genre as well as auction events than can bring a decisive edge to win races.
• Racing: Fuel Overdose is a racing game that requires driving skills and that allows and values different racing styles and a diverse garage of vehicles, themselves all customizable to improve their driving and performance.


What I say: Fuel overdose is a strategy racing shooter. Does it bring anything new to the table or is it Mario Kart on steroids?

fuel overdose 1

First the good stuff; the game is, I will have to admit, exactly as the developers said it was. A racing shooter that requires some thought. As far as I am concerned this was refreshing as I don’t think that it would be possible to go through this game and just  shoot everything and do well.

fuel overdose 2

Okay as far as racing it’s not Need For Speed but that is cool because it wasn’t trying to be. As for a shooter it’s not Call Of Duty but that’s cool it wasn’t trying to be. What it was, was an entertaining racing game that took a little more than usual driving skill. Fuel Overdose was an entertaining arcade style shooter that also took some shooting skills.

fuel overdose 3

The arcade style graphics are reminiscent of every driving games ever played in an  arcade. If that is a bad thing or good thing you’ll have to decide for yourself. As for me, I always liked arcade racing games so for me it goes into the plus column. I also liked that all the characters had their own personalities but it would have been nice to have some voice work to really get the feel for the characters as opposed to the text that told their stories.

fuel overdose 4

And so overall my conclusion is, at a price point of $ 9. 99 it is well worth the money spent. A great game to take a break from the other more hardcore games that you play. In conclusion, overall, I’d say go for it.


Rating: 7/10


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