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Dennis Feeback On November - 30 - 2012

Exede Satellite Internet: A Darker Image Review

What they say: A technology above the rest
Exede Internet is powered by ViaSat-1, the most powerful communications satellite ever launched. With download speeds up to 12 Mbps, proprietary acceleration software and an entirely new technology on the ground, Exede is a completely different experience compared with yesterday’s satellite Internet service.

Fast & powerful: What you can do with Exede
• Browse the web and your email faster than ever
• Share photos remarkably fast
• Enjoy better video chat with fewer delays
• Send and receive files quickly
• Use VPN services to access business files from home
• Watch streaming videos, TV and movies with fewer delays from buffering

Why Exede Internet is the best choice
• We offer a truly free data usage time slot daily. There are no data caps during our Late Night Free Zone
• Up to 12 Mbps download speeds and 3Mbps of upload speeds on ALL plans. Other services charge you much more for the same high speeds
• Every plan comes with the full suite of Google Apps™
• Created by ViaSat, an industry leader on the cutting edge of innovative satellite communication technology
• Our subscribers love the service.

What I say: I’ve made it no secret that A Darker Image Tower is located in the boonies of central KY. Having suffered the evils of AT&T for the last year, I decided to bail. I was spending a fortune on overages that took money away from this site. So on Black Friday I stumbled upon the ad for Exede Satellite Internet. They made a lot of boasts. In desperation I leaped. I never thought I would say this…but I miss AT&T.

Yes the evil overlords overcharged but the service was reliable. Due to technical issues that have going for over three days I am posting this on dialup. I am not kidding. Apparently at Exede (Formerly Wildblue) it is perfectly acceptable to allow a glitch to run rampant that prevents you from logging into a secure site. After doing some digging on Exedes own forums this happens fairly regular. They have even have a shill trying to shoot people down and spout the same crap that it’s all your fault. (“It’s your fault!” should be the companies motto.)

Screwed times four?

So I have had this “service” since Monday. Since Wednesday it has been unusable for my needs. Yay? I have called, e-mailed, posted on Facebook, and posted on their forums. Many others have done the same. However, Exede never admits anything is wrong. EVER!

So to make a long story short, avoid these people like the plague. Dailup and overpriced 3G is better. But now I am stuck. At this point I seriously do not know if I will be able to continue the site. Yay.

Exede: 0/10

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7 Responses

  1. Blue says:

    I have had Excede for a little over a month, used to have a WildBlue Legacy account. Yes there were a few problems logging in to some sites last month but, those seem to be resolved now.

    Overall, except for the high cost, I am happy with the performance. It is a lot faster that Legacy was, and tons faster than dial up and, it stays connected better in storms than Legacy did.

    Still it is only a good option if you do not have DSL available and, can afford the cost of something above the basic package since most cellular providers offer 10 GB for a comparable price. Now if like me, you can’t get DSL and need more than 10 GB/month and, do not want horribly slow dial up then, Excede is a good option.

  2. Seg says:

    I am getting the impression that Excede service is better in some areas than others…whether due to customer density or satellite coverage or the particulars of gateway and accelnet server, or the skill of the installer. Knocking on wood as I post this, the service I have received since signing up has been better than I had hoped, coming from satellite hell (Starband). I’ve had a few outages but they resolved fairly quickly and otherwise service has been fast and reliable. I am not discounting this customer’s experience but it should not be viewed as universal. My gateway is in Alaska and my server is probably in Utah. My average download speed on Testmy.net has been 16 mps. Just now, it was 11.5 mps. Bandwidth monitor accuracy has been exemplary. I guess my best advice would be to try to find other users in your area before you sign up…see if they are having unresolved problems or decent service. You might be pleasantly surprised or saved from an ugly problem.

  3. Dennis Feeback says:

    I do get decent download speeds on the sites I can access, unfortunely it’s just not the ones I need and use on a regular basis.

    But I do appreciate the comments and I will post them all positive and negative.

    • Keith says:

      Hi Dennis. Like you I’m here in the Central Kentucky backwoods & have tried several other internet services. I signed up with Exede (my first satellite service) in March. Yes, the speeds are good & so far have not had trouble accessing any sites. But the amount of outages, even in good weather, is “out”ragous”. The initial cost was high, although now I know they are offering free installation. But the come & go outages are so frequent, necessitating frequent rebooting of the modem which is maddening & not sufficient for work at home that my wife & I will be doing shortly in the medical field. Of course I’m stuck in a contract, although we’ve now decided that we’ll have to try a second service, Dish Network’s new Dishnet. Wish me luck on that…of course Dish says its even more reliable than their TV service. We’ll see…

  4. PDGA1 says:

    I have had the service for about three months now. This is the fastest Internet I have ever had. I’ve used Hughesnet for years and also cable Interne (at previous home). It blows away my old cable Internet connection. I am really impressed with Exede.

  5. Lee says:

    Denis you did not say what your needs were or what sites you need to use on a regular basis that exede was not working with. Please elaborate.
    I have Exede have not seen any problems with any sites.
    Is it VPN or remote login sites?

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