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Dennis Feeback On March - 30 - 2013

Publisher: Kalypso Media
Developer: Candygun Games

dollar dash logo

What they say: Find it, rob it, and keep it. Grab the cash in this fast and frenetic top down multiplayer versus game. Dollar Dash will have you shouting for joy, as you make a dash with the cash. You must attack, defend or outrun your competitors in any of the three game modes (Dollar Dash, Save the Safe or Hit’n’Run) using unique and comedic tactics. Stand out from the crowd by customising your character, upgrading your favourite weapon, earning perks and unlocking achievements. You can’t stand still for a second as combat is crazy and money changes hands frequently. Choose your weapons carefully as you challenge your friends to become the best thief in town and laugh out loud as you smash them with a huge Bolder, peck them with a Mag Pie, while protecting yourself in Jelly!

What I say: When I first heard about Dollar Dash I was looking forward to trying it. It has been compared to the Bomberman games, a perpetual favorite here at A Darker Image Tower. Plus, the game was developed by Candygun which produced the fun Dead Block. Unfortunately the game did not live up to its promise.

dollar dash 1

Having Dollar Dash play as a twin stick game does fine on the surface but the controls seem to lack a certain smoothness. The characters move fast but it seems hard to change course quickly. Add in the frantic nature of the game and this impedes things a great deal. Right off the bad you and the other robbers are fighting for money even while doing the job. The small maps don’t help matters as everyone is always getting hit, and thus dropping their money constantly. So really, there is no skill involved, it’s purely luck. This makes for a hugely frustrating experience. There are multiple game modes but really there isn’t much difference between them. They all play the same, beat the crap out of the other robbers and hope you are holding the money when its time to make the drop or complete whatever objective you are doing.

dollar dash punk

The game is pretty simplistic and there isn’t much reason to keep playing it. There are unlocks to get new options for the various modes and customization items for your character but if the game isn’t much fun, who cares?

Rating: 5/10

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