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Dennis Feeback On September - 5 - 2013

As you may recall in our last Playstation Mobile Splotlight column we reviewed (and quite enjoyed) Chillingos two newest titles iBomber Defense and Little Acorns. If there is anything I love more than playing games it’s giving them away to our beloved readers.

Chillingo has sent over five sets of codes for the two games for us to give away. All you have to do is drop us an e-mail with the name of your favorite nut. It can be walnuts or any human nut like Miley Cyrus. On Saturday Sept. 7th at 8PM EST we will draw five winners. Send your entries to dennis (at) adarkerimage.com. These games work on PS Vita and select Android phones.

ibomber defense

iBomber Defense: The world of iBomber has got bigger and better! iBomber Defense combines classic tower defense gameplay with the intense action and strategy of the original iBomber games. Keep enemies at bay all over the world using a variety of weapons and tactics, from rattling Machine guns, explosive cannons and awesome anti-aircraft artillery!

little acornsLittle Acorns: Helping Mr. Nibbles hoard enough acorns for his family will take quick wits and skillful jumps in this fantastic new platformer. Zany power-ups will help you along the way, and the precision controls will make sure every split-second move you make counts.

We do not use your e-mails for any reason and they are all deleted at the end of the contest. So feel secure in entering without any hassle from us.


Update: We have our winners! Congrats to…

Jonathan Andrade

Rich Poirier

Devin Hudson

Adonis McHodge

Kevin Bronowski


Watch your e-mail guys!


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