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Dennis Feeback On December - 10 - 2012

Seminal Films/MVD
Director: Bobby Boermans
Writer: Robert Arthur Jansen
Stars: Dragan Bakema, Alison Carroll and Jappe Claes
(From imdb.com)

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What they say: When Eva moved into her new apartment she couldn’t imagine the horror that came with it. Within a few days she is taken hostage by a mysterious figure and has her blood drawn for a purpose she will soon find out. Now Eva must fight for her freedom before her abductor can carry out his evil plan.

What I say: When I first received this film I knew nothing about it, I even thought they spelled the title wrong. Upon watching it, I realized the film is Dutch and thus all is good. The film starts off quiet with failing student vet Eva moving into a new apartment. It doesn’t take long for Eva to gain the attention of her new neighbors. After a night of partying, Eva wakes up tied to a bed in a concrete room. A man is a mask brings her food and drawls blood but why?

This director apparently gave the film away online for free in order to get word out. I glad it caught the notice of MVD who has brought it to us. The film is a compelling little mystery as know as much as Eva does and we find out the secrets with her. Add in a detective searching for her and it all adds up to a tense thriller.

The DVD looks good and the sound is fine. There are no extras to speak of.

Film: 8/10
DVD: 8/10

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