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Dennis Feeback On January - 12 - 2013

NIS America/Acquire

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What they say: Players will begin in a city where they can view their character, adjust various statistics, and choose a mission to play online or offline. Combination skills may be executed in battle depending on how the attack buttons are pressed. Weapons and armor that the enemies drop can be picked up and used by the player. Once victorious, players will get money and may purchase various items.

What I say: In medieval brawler Clan of Champions, you start off with a choice of three different warriors; human, elf, and orc. You can customize them somewhat by gender and equipment choices. A larger story is hinted at but alas it has no real bearing on the actual game. Once you select your mission you and 2 NPC partners are dropped in an arena and must fight your way through waves of baddies. The main problem with this scenario is that your NPC crew is dumb as bags of hair. They either get hung up in corners or the two of them will gang up on one enemy, leaving you to deal with two foes at once.

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Combat is fun and intuitive and as missions are completed you have opportunities to pick up new equipment and upgrade yourself. Unfortunately your partners never get any smarter so as things get harder and more hectic you are pretty much on your own. This leads to some unnecessary frustration in what otherwise is a pretty decent game.

Graphics wise Clan of Champions will not win any beauty contest but it has a certain rustic charm. Most of your time is spent in gloomy castles and the game does a fine job of getting the medieval fell right. Character models are kinda bland and early on depending on your choices your character can look kinda silly.

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After playing through the single player experience, there is a multiplayer component. Alas, the multiple times I attempted to play online I could not find a single game to get into. I even started my own lobby to no avail. The game has only been available since November so it’s pretty worrying that online is so dead all ready. I think the game would be so much more enjoyable if you had actual humans to back you up instead of Bag of Hair Crew.

Clan of Champions is a fun brawler despite its shortcomings. If your teams AI had been improved or there had been any kind of online community I would have certainly put a lot more time into it. As is, it just feels like a missed opportunity.

Rating: 6/10

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