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Dennis Feeback On March - 16 - 2013

Synapse Films
Stars: Nigel Havers, Phyllis Logan, Kevin McNally
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chiller dvd

What they say: The television series Chiller was a five episode horror anthology that aired in the UK in 1995. Presented here for the first time in the U.S., these supernatural shockers feature malevolent spirits, a brutal serial killer and a haunted house set in contemporary England. Starring many of Britain’s leading actors like Nigel Havers (Chariots of Fire, TV’s Coronation Street), Martin Clunes (UK’s Men Behaving Badly), Sophie Ward (Young Sherlock Holmes) and Kevin McNally (Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean series), this compelling collection will leave you chilled to the bone! Episodes include PROPHECY, TOBY, HERE COMES THE MIRROR MAN, THE MAN WHO DIDN’T BELIEVE IN GHOSTS and NUMBER SIX.

What I say: I had always heard of Chiller, a short lived anthology, from British television. Since it seemed so damn hard to find it in the US it seemed to attain legendary status. But now Synapse Films has brought forth this series from the mists and gave us the entire set of all 5 episodes in one convenient set.

chiller 1

The five episodes vary in spooky subject matter featuring everything from ghosts to clairvoyance. As you would imagine in any anthology the quality of the writing is pretty uneven. Every episode has some effective moments but they almost never stick the landing. Some of these episodes have some of the most baffling endings I have ever seen. Despite that all the episodes offer some spooky atmosphere and are good for a watch.

chiller 2

The acting is unfortunately pretty uneven as well. Some of the cast does very well and other act like cardboard. One of the big selling points of this show in its original airing was the fact that they were using known actors but some obviously cared more than others. It’s a shame it only lasted five episodes as the potential was there if only it had the time to iron out the kinks.

chiller 3

The picture quality is pretty muddy as well but I doubt a TV show from the 1990s could look any better. Synapse has once again brought us an interesting lost gem and while it is worth watching, it does not, however, stand up to the legend build up around it.

Series: 7/10
DVD: 7/10

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