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Wolf Children: Anime Blu-Ray Review

Director: Mamoru Hosoda
Writers: Mamoru Hosoda (story), Mamoru Hosoda (screenplay)
Stars: Aoi Miyazaki, Takao Ohsawa, Haru Kuroki

wolf children blu

What they say: Experience the latest masterpiece from the internationally-acclaimed, award-winning director of Summer Wars.

wolf children 1Hana was a student before she was a mother. She was bright and pretty, and her future held endless possibilities. Then she met a man, who turned out to be a wolf, and together they built a family.Hana loved her mate fiercely, but fate took him from her, leaving her alone with two unusual kids she didn’t know how to raise. Frightened of being discovered, Hana and her wolf children fled to the countryside to build a new life. Raising her little wild things was an adventure. It left Hana bruised, scratched, exhausted, and joyously overwhelmed as her pups grew stronger and wandered further every day. This is a mother’s journey. Teach your children to chase their dreams – and smile through the tears as they disappear into the world in search of who they will become. Hana wasn’t always a mother, but it was always what she was meant to be.

What I say: I enjoyed Wolf Children to the fullest. I got to say, it is one of my favorites now. I watched this with my siblings and my little brother is always asking if we can watch it again day to day.

Wolf Children is an emotional rollercoaster. It starts all happy then drops down to being sad and heart breaking, then starts to get happy again slowly. Honestly I had mixed feelings for the ending. It was happy in a sad way. Really, the whole movie was happy in a sad way.

wolf children 2

The main character, Hana was the mother to the children and was the reason it was so sad. She would smile no matter what she went thought. She was like a light of hope for her two children loving and raising them as best as she could thou her children weren’t human. She let them choose they faith to be a wolf or human.

The story was narrated by Hana’s eldest child, giving it a kind of 3rd person view on Hana’s life. Which was nice, to a point. I mean we all know that when the story is told by another person it is missing things and also that there maybe added parts.

The animation is very good, I really liked the style they used. It gave it a cute kind of look it when needed. It was always bright and colorful other then the parts that were sad which naturally had its own look.

Over all it was good, not only did I like it my little brother did and it was fun to watch together. I do recommend this for anyone who is no only looking for something different or is simply looking for a good movie to watch.

Rating: 8/10

Guilty Crown Complete Series Parts 1 and 2: Anime Blu-Ray Review

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guilty crown logo

guilty crown vol 2What they say: Shu’s entire world was shattered after a meteorite crashed into Japan, unleashing the lethal Apocalypse Virus. The chaos and anarchy born of the outbreak cost Shu his family and reduced him to a timid, fearful shell of the boy he’d once been. His life took another unexpected turn after a chance encounter with the stunning pop star, Inori. This mysterious beauty introduced Shu to the King’s Right Hand: a genetic mutation that allows him to reach into hearts of mortals and turn them into weapons.

Shu finds himself caught in the crossfire between those who desperately seek his newfound strength. On one side lurks a clandestine government agency, and on the other, Inori and the spirited band of rebels known as Funeral Parlor. The choice is Shu’s to make – and the world is his to change.

What I say: Guilty Crown is one of those Anime that is squarely ok. At guilty crown 1times I couldn’t muster up the desire to keep watching. But I finally did and I am here to tell you its okay, but I won’t be watching it again. I don’t think this series would stand up at all to repeat viewings.

The first box set which consisted of 11 episodes to me was great, but as we guilty crown 2got to the second half (the contents of the second set) it just got just dumb. All shows end with this big massive event that put you on the edge of your seat and you just want to know what happens next! I wasn’t feeling it. It drug on and on. It was like watching a long movie that seemed to never end.
Don’t get me wrong, it had a good plot, but it went went wrong somewhere. Great idea, crappy execution. The development of the characters were alright, same about developing the story. But as you got to the end it really kind of fell apart.

Compensating for something???

Compensating for something???

The animation was my favorite part of all. I loved the art style and it seemed to be almost 3D at times. The art books, that came with the limited edition of the first set, were amazing. One was the sketches and how they wanted things to look like the landscapes and the people. Then the other art book has concept art. It was done well and fun to look at.
Once again it was alright, okay even. If you’re bored and just want something to watch or even just want to try an anime, this would fit the bill just don’t expect to be wowed…at all.

Rating: 6/10

Both sets include DVD copies of the episodes.

Disclaimer: A copy of the Blu-Ray was provided to us for review from the publisher.

Aoi Uma Con 2013: A Darker Image Returns!

Ah Fall! A young mans thoughts turn to Grand Theft Auto—uh, I mean Anime. So in light of that The Darker Image crew ; consisting of Myself, Rachel, Thelma, as well as newcomers Robin and my 7 year old Ryan, once again descended upon Louisville and crashed attended Aoi Uma Con. As some of you may recall we attended last year and had a great time! Naturally we were excited to return. Upon our arrival at its new location we witnessed the glorious parade of cosplayers. There are certainly a lot of talented folks in Louisville as many of the costumes were pretty great. We even met a young lady who owned a super rare Pokemon car!

000010000200003100_0651 01100_0654 01100_0657 01

Also of note was the cool dealers room which had tons of stuff from all your fave Anime. There was definitely a good mix of stuff for sale and it wasn’t the least bit hard for all of your money to fall out of your pockets. We also took part of the many panels and even a game show! Anime Press Your Luck was very lively and host Greg Wicker did a great job of keeping it entertaining. This was definitely one of the highlights of our visit.


Of course the biggest highlight of any Anime Con is to meet and get autographs from your favorite voice actors and Aoi Uma Con had Cherami Leigh, Lisa Ortiz and Eric Stuart (Who also happens to be a fine musician!). All three were charming and very gracious to their fans. Cherami Leigh has to be the friendliest and nicest person I have ever met at any convention. We are now officially super fans of hers!

100_0667 01

There was never any shortage of things to do or people to see at Aoi Uma Con and all of us had a fantastic time. Hopefully the Aoi Uma Con crew keeps this going for years to come and we can’t wait until next year!


For more information and to keep updated about next year, please visit

Please note we originally had a lot more pictures but one of our memory cards went corrupt. So if we took your picture and you don’t see it here we apologize.

Fairy Tail Part 5: Anime Blu-Ray Review

Stars: Stephen Hoff, Todd Haberkorn, Cherami Leigh
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fairy tail part 5

What they say: Hot-headed fire wizard Natsu and his team of high-powered pals are back! Harnessing the forces of dragon fire, ice, weaponry, and the zodiac, four young wizards from the infamous magical guild Fairy Tail team up. In season two the friends unite with other guilds to take on one of the darkest guilds in the wizarding world!

What I say: After a pretty long absence Funimation finally brings us the second season of Fairy Tail! Picking up from the aftermath of the whole Laxus affair, this stretch of episodes starts off with a few self contained episodes focusing on Lucy. After that it’s on to another long epic in which Fairy Tail’s strongest team (Natsu, Gray, Lucy and Erza of course) bands together with three other guilds in order to face off against the dark guild Oración Seis. Of course, as is required on long running anime, a boatload of new characters are introduced. You already know some of these will become permanent cast members. The seemingly most important new characters are Wendy and her cat friend Carla, which seems to be a foil for Happy.

fairy tail p5 1

I will not go into the story much as spoilers would abound and things happen that shine a new light on some earlier episodes so when we are not being overrun with all the newbies, it does play into the larger storyline. The animation is top notch and everything looks great. These Blu-Ray editions are crystal clear and both English and Japanese soundtracks are well executed and worth enjoying depending on your preference. The set also ships with DVD copies of the episodes. Extras include creditless opening and closing and a couple of episode commentaries.

fairy tail p5 2

This run of episodes definitely keeps things moving even thought it started off a bit slow. However, once the good stuff starts, it’s right back on track.

Blu-Ray: 9/10


My Bride is a Mermaid Complete Collection: Anime DVD Review

Creator: Tahiko Kimura
Stars: John Swasey, Alexis Tipton and Bryan Massey

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brider mermaid dvdWhat they say: Nagasumi’s in hot water after a beautiful, young mermaid named Sun saves him from drowning. The deep-sea sweetheart’s dad is a merman Yakuza prone to executing anyone who learns his family’s scaly secret! Luckily, there’s a catch – if Nagasumi agrees to marry Sun, he just might avoid sleeping with the fishes!
Of course, the honeymoon ends before it even begins when Nagasumi finds his life flooded with gilled gangsters looking out for their boss’s little girl. The kid’s definitely in over his head, but there’s no denying the mermaid’s allure – Nagasumi’s hooked and Sun’s ready to come ashore!

What I say: My Bride is a Mermaid is a fun little Anime. Every episode is full of laughs and it does a good job of carrying the storyline over the entire series of 26 episodes. The show takes the story of The Little Mermaid and throws several crazy twists on it. Sun dad is underwater yakuza (Yes, you read that right) which naturally complicates things.

bride mermaid 1

The jokes fly fast and furious, the supporting cast only adds to the zaniness. Definitely stands up to repeat viewings as there is so much going on.

Picture quality is great, Japanese and English voice casts are both fantastic. This set does contain all 26 episodes.

Series: 9/10
DVD: 8/10