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Dennis Feeback On September - 12 - 2013

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Director: Damian Lee
Writers: Christian Piers Betley, Damian Lee
Stars: Brendan Fraser, Dominic Purcell, Ethan Suplee
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breakout dvd

That is where all the trees were killed to make the paper for the script honey!

That is where all the trees were killed to make the paper for the script honey!

What they say: An innocent camping trip takes a dark turn for a young brother and sister, when they witness a murder. The young siblings become the killers’ next target as they are chased and hunted through the wilderness. Serving time over a protest gone terribly wrong, their father, Jack Damson (Fraser), devises a plan to break out of prison and rescue his kids from the pair of criminals, Tommy (Purcell) and Kenny (Suplee). A fight for survival ensues in the action-packed thriller where the hunters become the hunted.

What I say: On the back of the box it proudly proclaims “Brendan Fraser’s most powerful performance in years.” (Brad Sturdivant, Flix66.com) No shit it really does. If Brad had been a bit more honest it might have read “Brendan Fraser’s only performance in years!” And after seeing this film I can see why it’s been his only performance of note lately.

Brendan Fraser plays Jack a dopey tree hugger that chains himself to trees and

Dude! Cutting trees down trees is bad even tho I'm doing it!

Dude! Cutting trees down trees is bad even tho I’m doing it!

follows his highcalling putting it to the man, which in this case is a former tree hugger friend of his. So anyway Jack faces off with “the man” and when thugs attack his crew of activists Jack starts a fight with one of the men. Following which the guy Jack is fighting cracks his head in what is obviously an accident but in the most contrived manner possible Jack is jailed. Sometime later Jack works on a prison crew (And I’m not kidding here) chopping down trees! Oh the irony! Oh the melodrama! Oh my head!

Be very quiet, we're hunting wabbits!

Be very quiet, we’re hunting wabbits!

Mark is offered a deal to be freed but only if he works for the logging company that got him locked up. Apparently logging companies are above the law in Canada. Jacks lawyer wife wants him to take the deal but Jack is like “Dude, I will not sell out to the MAN!” Even though he chops down trees for the man but whatever. Meanwhile Tommy and his fucked in the head brother Kenny Baxter are ditching their lives in Georgia to run off to Canada to rent a house because they are all out in Georgia I guess. Along the way we see how badass or something Tommy is because he kills a guy for making fun of Kenny. Kenny, however, is far too busy reading a comic book to care. This obviously makes him the typical comic book fan. Right? Anyways, the pair of fools badasses make it to Canada and the owner of the house refuse to rent to them because he can smell murder and comic books on them. Naturally Tommy kills the guy because, you know, Georgia and the boys momma was a whore or something.

The murder is obviously witnessed by Jacks kids who are out camping in THE

Did you say comics are for retards?

Did you say comics are for retards?

EXACT SAME FOREST that Jack cuts down trees in. What luck right? Anyway the kids are with a family friend and Lawyer Moms is kept up to date by phone. However, she really does not seem too motivated to do anything about it. Jack escapes to go save the kids and fight the Murder Comic brothers. Sound contrived I mean thrilling right? Alas, it’s not. Brendan Fraser does not even bother to act unless he thought he was playing one of the trees. Hell everyone in this movie is fucking awful, so there is plenty of blame to go around. And don’t even get me started on the story, or the direction, or the cinematography, or…you know everything.

This not from the movie but sums up my feeling while watching it...

This not from the movie but sums up my feeling while watching it…

It’s pretty telling that this was released only on DVD and a Blu-Ray release was skipped. The picture quality is ok but nothing special and the sound is thankfully on the low side so you have trouble hearing all of the dialogue. If you were forced to hear all of it it might have brought you to tears. There is not a single reason to recommend this movie. Not a single reason. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to read a comic book.



Rating: 4/10

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