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Dennis Feeback On January - 28 - 2013

Director: Teddy Chan
Writers: Junli Guo, Tin Nam Chun
Stars: Donnie Yen, Leon Lai and Xueqi Wang
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bodyguards assassins dvd

What they say: BODYGUARDS AND ASSASSINS follows a motley crew of five men and women fighting for freedom and democracy, the ultimate goal is to overthrow the corrupt Qing dynasty. In this action-packed martial arts film, the gang must work together to protect Sun Yat-Sen who is destined to lead them to a new, modern China from a group of deadly assassins. They must act with their courage, strength and conscience and ignite a revolution.

What I say: The Chinese have been knocking out historical epics about The Chinese Revolution due to its centennial last year and Bodyguards and Assassins a welcome addition to this genre. Focusing on the one week period when Dr. Sun, the leader of the revolution, comes to Hong Kong was a wise choice as you can see the revolution through the eyes of those that helped start it.

bodyguards assassins 1

The first half of the film concerns the preparations for Dr. Suns arrival, and the last hour is almost completely a fierce battle through the streets of Hong Kong getting Dr. Sun to meet his fellow revolutionary leaders, and the story of his decoy. The stunt work is downright stunning, and there is a lot of it as well. All of it is really well executed, and the film moves fast and with break neck speed.

bodyguards assassins 2

Picture quality is excellent as is the sound design. Extras include 5 behind the scenes featurettes, interviews, and the trailer.

Film: 9/10
DVD: 9/10


THis review, written by me, also appears at About Heroes.

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