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Rachel Feeback On March - 11 - 2014

Publisher: TecmoKoei
Developer: Gust


What they say: This world has gone through many Dusks, and is slowly nearing its end. Within this world, in the western reaches of the “Land of Dusk,” there was a nation that prospered thanks to its use of alchemy. There, in order to survive the eventual arrival of the “Dusk End,” the people devoted their efforts to rediscover and recreate lost alchemic technologies. Rediscovered technology from the past era was gathered in the alchemy research city known as “Central,” where research was conducted on how to halt the advance of the twilight. One of the heroes is a young man who researched alchemy in Central, the other a girl living in a small town on the frontier. This girl’s name is Escha. In the process of using her knowledge of ancient alchemy to help others, she was assigned to the Development Department. The young man’s name is Logy. Having learned the newest alchemic techniques in Central, he requested a transfer to this understaffed town to make use of his abilities, and meets Escha when he is assigned to the Development Department as well. The two make a promise to use their alchemy together, and bring success to the Development Department.

What they say: Okay, I was pretty excited about a new Atelier game. This one was no longer in Arland but now in Dusk Land.

Atelier_Escha__Logy 1So let’s start with what has been added. Synthesis was very different. Okay, not completely different but so different that it was once again a mystery like it was in Atelier Rorona. Also most of the things you could synthesize were different with a few exceptions like healing salve. The way combat was done was also changed. In past Atelier games only 3 people were allowed out traveling for items to use in synthesis. This is also counting the main characters, so only an additional 2 could go with you. Now, an additional 4 can go with you along with Logy and Escha. The way it is set up is annoying as can be. Three are allowed to fight at a time but they switch out when one dies and it seems to take forever for the living character to switch with the dead character. This can get aggravating when you are in a boss battle.

The graphics really didn’t change. It stayed basically the same from the last game. The art style was unchanged, I mean it looked the same as Atelier Ayesha. The controls didn’t seem any different to me. It played the same as the last one.

The story was different. It wasn’t like the past Atelier games were you were Atelier_Escha__Logy 2given 3 years to do something, this one just gave you a certain amount of days to finish a mission. This annoyed me because I liked how the past games were like, “Oh you have 3 years to do this and if you fail game over!” This helped me manage time. Atelier Logy and Escha wasn’t quite the same. You didn’t have to save a workshop or kingdom, you didn’t have to find a lost your lost mother or sister. You just had to do as you were told…


Atelier_Escha__Logy 3Over all it was a okay game, not as enjoyable as the past ones but that’s okay. I would prefer the game to explain a few things with more detail but hey, it happens, Also I would like to have the Friendship Points back. They took that out and that was the only reason I would replay the past games, so that kinda killed the replay value for me.


Rating: 7/10


Disclaimer: A PSN code for the game was provided to us for review from the publisher.

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  1. Ryumoau says:

    Great review! I’m loving the game so far. :)

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