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Dennis Feeback On March - 24 - 2013

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At this point, Gearbox has released an unfinished game (Aliens: Colonial Marines), and told us it’s great. Randy Pitchford, president of Gearbox, has decided to stick his fingers in his ears and ignore ANY negative comments toward himself, Gearbox or Aliens: Colonial Marines. He has even went as far as to start blocking people on Twitter.

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Now this weekend at PAX, Gearbox has announced that they are raising the level cap for Borderlands 2. But guess what? It will run you $4.99 if you didn’t buy the season pass! Seriously, WTF? And to make sure they even pissed off the folks that bought a season pass, there is another character class coming (a Psycho named Kreig) and he’s NOT included in the season pass! Hey now, they get you if you bought it, they get you if you didn’t! Yay Gearbox!

pic courtesy gameinformer.com

pic courtesy gameinformer.com

At this point, this has to be a prank right? I mean seriously no professional would act this way right? RIGHT??!!? No business that expects to keep customers would gouge their fanbase in this way. But Gearbox is roliing with it, and apparently people are a-ok with it. I mean there really isn’t that much outrage yet.

too true

I know when I played Borderlands 1, this would happen. They released 3 great DLCs (and 1 crappy one) and as soon as they were a success the plans began in order to make you pay for everything in Borderlands 2. My gut feeling was so strong, I didn’t buy Borderlands 2, I rented it, and I’m glad I did. Who, other than fanboys, would support this nonsense? Not I, and I suggest you do the same.


And don’t even get me started on the Loot Chests

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8 Responses

  1. TechnoSphere says:

    Randy is just a chill.
    He acts like he is in touch with his fans,but infact he’s just a $$$ man.

    He can’t admit any errors on their part and will nickel and dime you when and where he can.

    Too bad because he has some brilliant IP’s under his care :/

  2. Dennis Feeback says:

    I agree completely.

  3. pet says:

    actually to be honest, it was said that new characters will not be included in season pass. i knew it before i bought seson pass(few days after release).
    $4.99 level cap increase is bad, but at least its free for season pass owners.

    • Dennis Feeback says:

      But the problem is the fact that it included with another DLC during Borderlands 1. My point was Gearbox gets to hit you up if you got the Season Pass or not. At the end of the day you are being nickled and dimed.

  4. Steve says:

    I don’t see how anyone can agree, or disagree with their choice, because at the end of the day they’re a business, not a charity. Plus, I didn’t see Gearbox crying when just about everyone who owned a PC took advantage of their poor security measures, and played the first game for free.

    • Dennis Feeback says:

      No one ever said they were a charity. They didn’t sell it separate last time and Borderlands 1 made plenty of money. The reason the DLC sold so well was the good will that surrounded how awesome the four DLC packs were. The stunts being played now show they learned the wrong less on from that success. Instead of realizing “Wow! Everyone sure appreciated the value for their money!”, they seem to think “Wow! These suckers will buy anything!” And from Pitchford’s conduct regarding the whole Aliens Colonial Marines mess, he seems like he will never learn…from anything.

  5. Ponce says:

    I wasted $5 of my time reading this article about someone whining about how some guy at some company is trying to rip us off. A bag of potato chips cost $4.99. Now that’s a rip off.

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