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Dennis Feeback On November - 21 - 2012

Marvel Comics
Writer: Dan Slott
Art: Richard Elson

What they say: The end of Spider-Man’s world begins when Doctor Octopus discovers who Peter Parker really is.

What I say: I’ve been avoiding Marvel Comics for a while being as I’m not a fan of any of the current writers or direction of the titles. Breaking down and reading Uncanny Avengers also didn’t do Marvel any favors on my account. But being as I’m one of the fools that spread the massive spoiler from this issue around, I felt obligated to pick up a copy and give it a review.

By now surely you have heard what’s what. If not, spoilers sweetie.

As you begin the issue it seems VERY talky and exposition filled. Peter seems overly aggressive and somewhat out of character. Then the Avengers summon him, and he’s off to Doc Ocks deathbed. (When did the Avengers change to look so much like the movie versions? I mean they are exact!) Spider-Man asks for privacy and then we have our big reveal. Doc Ock and Peter Parker have switched bodies sometime in the recent past. And now Doc Ock has dies with Peters soul inside. (Wouldn’t Mephisto be pissed about this?)

Now I have not read the title in sometime so I don’t know if Slott has been convincing in setting this up but based solely on this issue I’m not impressed. It seems like it would be too easy for someone to notice something was up, especially the other Avengers, but what do I know? I just read this stuff.

Despite the sketchy storytelling and straining credibility I think I’m onboard for my first Marvel comic for at least until Amazing #700. Despite the flaws it’s interesting enough to be given a shot.

Amazing Spider-Man #698: 7/10

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