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Dennis Feeback 

Dennis started breaking into comic fandom in the mid-90’s writing and editing Morgana X for Allen Freeman and Sky Comics. While at Sky Comics Dennis also wrote Tempered Steele and wrote comic and video game reviews for their magazine Arena.

Dennis (along with his comics career) vanished along with the great speculator bust, but then he returned from the shadows in 2005 to write The Silent Invasion, a weekly manga column for komikwerks.com. Dennis has written for various websites along the way.

After numerous tries to get his own site off the ground he was finally able to do so with the help the mysterious man known only as The Dude.


Rachel Feeback

Rachel is Dennis’ daughter (I know, poor poor thing) and she is a huge Anime buff and pitches in to help her old man when he is buried.


The Dude

He abides….retired.


Scot Woods



Steven Mason



Now seeking writers! No pay! No respect! Lots of love!



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