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Bodyguards and Assassins: Asian Action DVD Review

Director: Teddy Chan
Writers: Junli Guo, Tin Nam Chun
Stars: Donnie Yen, Leon Lai and Xueqi Wang

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bodyguards assassins dvd

What they say: BODYGUARDS AND ASSASSINS follows a motley crew of five men and women fighting for freedom and democracy, the ultimate goal is to overthrow the corrupt Qing dynasty. In this action-packed martial arts film, the gang must work together to protect Sun Yat-Sen who is destined to lead them to a new, modern China from a group of deadly assassins. They must act with their courage, strength and conscience and ignite a revolution.

What I say: The Chinese have been knocking out historical epics about The Chinese Revolution due to its centennial last year and Bodyguards and Assassins a welcome addition to this genre. Focusing on the one week period when Dr. Sun, the leader of the revolution, comes to Hong Kong was a wise choice as you can see the revolution through the eyes of those that helped start it.

bodyguards assassins 1

The first half of the film concerns the preparations for Dr. Suns arrival, and the last hour is almost completely a fierce battle through the streets of Hong Kong getting Dr. Sun to meet his fellow revolutionary leaders, and the story of his decoy. The stunt work is downright stunning, and there is a lot of it as well. All of it is really well executed, and the film moves fast and with break neck speed.

bodyguards assassins 2

Picture quality is excellent as is the sound design. Extras include 5 behind the scenes featurettes, interviews, and the trailer.

Film: 9/10
DVD: 9/10


THis review, written by me, also appears at About Heroes.

Spoiler Alert! Iron Man 3 secrets revealed?

In an Iron Man 3 related press release Funko toys has seemingly confirmed that the Iron Partiot is definately in Iron Man 3. But who is in the Armor? It’s not Rhody, there are separate toys for War Machine.



iron patriot

war machine

Since Norman Osborne is tied with with the Spider-Man movie license who is Iron Patriot in the Marvel Movieverse? Only time will tell!

Game Genie Save Editor: PS3 Accessory Review


game genie

What they say: The Game Genie: Save Editor for PS3 gives you access to maximum money, stats, and experience as well as unlocking all levels, allowing you to skip past all those tedious parts of the game. Optimized to work with the latest PS3 firmware, the Game Genie is an easy-to-use program that does not require jailbreaking or modding your PS3. The Game Genie: Save Editor for PS3 works by allowing you to modify your saves on your PC with cheat codes that take effect once you load your game. Choose the game you want to modify and the cheats you want and you’re set! Unlock Everything!

What I say: I have fond memories of messing with the Galoob Game Genie back in the SNES days. Back in those days games didn’t hold your hand and go easy on you. They punished you for your lack of skills and Game Genie helped with some of that. So with some anticipation and a lot of curiosity I cracked open the small orange box and set to trying out Hyperkins new version of The Game Genie for the PS3.

game genie packaging

The first thing that strikes you, other than the bright orange color, is how small it is. It is basically a USB thumb drive with the installation on it. After installing it on your PC it connects to Hyperkin and downloads any new cheats that have been issued since your device was made. Yes, this means an online connection is required to use the Game Genie. But on the plus side new cheats are added pretty much weekly. Just in the time I have had the device it’s all ready updated three times. So Hyperkin is dedicated to supporting the device.

Usage is pretty simple. You plug the Game Genie into a USB port on your PS3, transfer any saves you want to alter over. You then move the USB drive to your PC and fire up the Game Genie program. The Click the save you want to change, check the cheats you want to enable, and the the program downloads the cheats and applies them and you are good to go. Simply transfer them back to your PS3.

game genie drive

I tested the Game Genie with Uncharted 3, Tokyo Jungle, and Super Street Fighter IV. With Uncharted I was able to unlock all levels and get max ammo for any weapons I was carrying. On Tokyo Jungle I got max survival points (The in game currency) and unlocked all the animals that would normally have to play through the entire game to get. And finally on SSFIV I unlocked all character colors and titles. Most cheats are max money and ammo and I wish there had been a little more variety in the mix.

Now while the Game Genie is really not intended to cheat on Trophies, it does however occasionally pop one. As soon as I unlocked all the titles on SSFIV the Trophy for that feat popped but that seemed to be the only time that occurred. The Game Genie also will not unlock DLC, only what can be done through playing the game. The Game Genie is designed to help you enjoy your game not steal hard earned dollars from developers and that is appreciated.

game genie menu

The final feature of note is Advanced Mode. In Advanced Mode you can open save files and using a HEX editor you can create your own cheats. This only works with saves decrypted by Hyperkin and if they have not tackled a game you can’t edit it and the game will show red in the save file list. I didn’t really mess with this as I have no clue about HEX editing but it’s there if you can use it.

All in all The Game Genie is a fun device and while it may not have the variety of cheats the original Galoob version had, it has more than enough to keep you busy knocking out those games that have you frustrated.

game genie code window

Please visit for more info, a current list of cheats, and to even purchase the device. When new cheats are added you can find out by subscribing to Game Genie at and You can also see the new cheats in action every week at Users are invited to visit the forums ( to request games and codes from the Ninjas at Hyperkin.

Rating: 8/10

Legasista: PS3 RPG Game Review

NIS America/System Prisma


What they say: When science and technology have fallen into an age of mythology, one stalwart young man must venture into the mysterious Ivy Tower to save his sister. Create and recruit allies, battle monsters, avoid traps, and loot dungeons in this Survival Action RPG, powered by bean sprouts!

What I say: Wait, what? Bean sprouts? But seriously, this dungeon crawler from NIS gives a familiar genre a new feel. In a world where technology is pretty much gone or forgotten, you play as Alto. Young Alto enters the Ivy Tower in order to find an artifact that will restore his sister who has been turned into a crystal. Upon entering the tower he meets Ms. Dungeon, a mechanical guard for the railyard that serves as your hub for adventuring.

legasista 1

Once out on adventures any damage you or your equipment takes is immediately repaired or healed once you return to the railyard. Any new weapons or items cannot be used until after the railyard is visited. This can lead to some hard decisions as you need to go further and further into dungeons to find better stuff but it is unable to assist you in that trek. As the game goes on you will find other characters to assit you in your quest and with the jobs system is pretty easy to customize your team however you want and to your play style. There is a wide range of weapons and equipment as well.

legasista 2

In addition to the dungeons found in the Ivy Tower you can eventually send out the sentient bean sprouts found in the railyard to locate other dungeons to explore. These ”ran-geons” are truly where the best stuff is and the parameters are always random and changing. But if you can survive them they are usually worth the effort.

Also of note is the ability to fashioning your own characters, I was pretty satisfied with the characters from the game but it is a cool feature.

legasista 3

The story in Legasista will not win any awards for originality but it services the plot just fine. The game is pretty long, longer still if you get hooked on running the ran-geons like I did, there is a fair bit of grinding required but with changing up your team, jobs, and equipment you can keep it somewhat fresh. Also of note is the music, it’s quite good and definitely sets the mood. The only real complaint I have about the game is the graphics. They are pretty simple for a game this late in the generation but espite that the game remains fun and very playable. Also there was no dub preformed for the game and the dialogue is in Japanese with English subtitles. If you love JPRGs and don’t mind some grinding Legasista is definitely greater than the sum of its parts.

The game is a Playstation Network exclusive and there is no disc release planned at this time.

Rating: 8/10

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Legends of the Poisonous Seductress 3: Okatsu the Fugitive: Pinky Violence DVD Review

Synapse Films
Director: Nobuo Nakagawa
Writers: Kôji Takada, Hideaki Yamamoto
Stars: Junko Miyazono, Reiko Ônobuta and Tôru Abe

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okatsu dvd

What they say: In the final episode of the LEGENDS OF THE POISONOUS SEDUCTRESS series, OKATSU THE FUGITIVE, Junko Miyazono appears one final time as the legendary swordswoman, but this time seeking a corrupt merchant responsible for the death of her parents. Betrayed by her fiancé, Okatsu finds herself aided in her quest by a handsome stranger – who happens to be as handy with a sword as she is! What is the reason for his kindness, and will Okatsu be able to prevail? Whatever the end may be, the restless spirits of her murdered parents drive Okatsu along her crimson-colored road of vengeance.

What I say: Junko Miyazono returns in the third and final installment of the Legends of the Poisonous Seductress series. Reiko Onobuta also returns as Junkos sidekick. This film also has no connection to the others other than the stars and subject matter. In this entry Okatsus parents are killed by a corrupt merchant. Everyone turns on Okatus even her fiancé. On the run, she does not know who to trust, but she meets a sword master as good as her and her vengeance might be in sight.

okatsu 1

okatsu 3

Once again this is a gorgeous film. Beautifully shot, tightly edited this entry is a visual feast. By this point the entire cast and crew were on a roll. Performances are excellent as always, and the storyline is the most involving of the three. Picture quality is excellent as is the sound.

okatsu 2

This is the best film of the series and is hugely enjoyable. My only regret is that were not more of them.

Extras include a commentary and printed essay by Chris D, trailers for all three films and another awesome reversible cover.

Film: 10/10
DVD: 10/10