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Exede Satellite Internet: A Darker Image Review

Exede Satellite Internet: A Darker Image Review

What they say: A technology above the rest
Exede Internet is powered by ViaSat-1, the most powerful communications satellite ever launched. With download speeds up to 12 Mbps, proprietary acceleration software and an entirely new technology on the ground, Exede is a completely different experience compared with yesterday’s satellite Internet service.

Fast & powerful: What you can do with Exede
• Browse the web and your email faster than ever
• Share photos remarkably fast
• Enjoy better video chat with fewer delays
• Send and receive files quickly
• Use VPN services to access business files from home
• Watch streaming videos, TV and movies with fewer delays from buffering

Why Exede Internet is the best choice
• We offer a truly free data usage time slot daily. There are no data caps during our Late Night Free Zone
• Up to 12 Mbps download speeds and 3Mbps of upload speeds on ALL plans. Other services charge you much more for the same high speeds
• Every plan comes with the full suite of Google Apps™
• Created by ViaSat, an industry leader on the cutting edge of innovative satellite communication technology
• Our subscribers love the service.

What I say: I’ve made it no secret that A Darker Image Tower is located in the boonies of central KY. Having suffered the evils of AT&T for the last year, I decided to bail. I was spending a fortune on overages that took money away from this site. So on Black Friday I stumbled upon the ad for Exede Satellite Internet. They made a lot of boasts. In desperation I leaped. I never thought I would say this…but I miss AT&T.

Yes the evil overlords overcharged but the service was reliable. Due to technical issues that have going for over three days I am posting this on dialup. I am not kidding. Apparently at Exede (Formerly Wildblue) it is perfectly acceptable to allow a glitch to run rampant that prevents you from logging into a secure site. After doing some digging on Exedes own forums this happens fairly regular. They have even have a shill trying to shoot people down and spout the same crap that it’s all your fault. (“It’s your fault!” should be the companies motto.)

Screwed times four?

So I have had this “service” since Monday. Since Wednesday it has been unusable for my needs. Yay? I have called, e-mailed, posted on Facebook, and posted on their forums. Many others have done the same. However, Exede never admits anything is wrong. EVER!

So to make a long story short, avoid these people like the plague. Dailup and overpriced 3G is better. But now I am stuck. At this point I seriously do not know if I will be able to continue the site. Yay.

Exede: 0/10

Amazing Spider-Man #698: New Comic Review

Marvel Comics
Writer: Dan Slott
Art: Richard Elson

What they say: The end of Spider-Man’s world begins when Doctor Octopus discovers who Peter Parker really is.

What I say: I’ve been avoiding Marvel Comics for a while being as I’m not a fan of any of the current writers or direction of the titles. Breaking down and reading Uncanny Avengers also didn’t do Marvel any favors on my account. But being as I’m one of the fools that spread the massive spoiler from this issue around, I felt obligated to pick up a copy and give it a review.

By now surely you have heard what’s what. If not, spoilers sweetie.

As you begin the issue it seems VERY talky and exposition filled. Peter seems overly aggressive and somewhat out of character. Then the Avengers summon him, and he’s off to Doc Ocks deathbed. (When did the Avengers change to look so much like the movie versions? I mean they are exact!) Spider-Man asks for privacy and then we have our big reveal. Doc Ock and Peter Parker have switched bodies sometime in the recent past. And now Doc Ock has dies with Peters soul inside. (Wouldn’t Mephisto be pissed about this?)

Now I have not read the title in sometime so I don’t know if Slott has been convincing in setting this up but based solely on this issue I’m not impressed. It seems like it would be too easy for someone to notice something was up, especially the other Avengers, but what do I know? I just read this stuff.

Despite the sketchy storytelling and straining credibility I think I’m onboard for my first Marvel comic for at least until Amazing #700. Despite the flaws it’s interesting enough to be given a shot.

Amazing Spider-Man #698: 7/10

Ban Away Dan Slott! Amazing Spider-Man #698 Spoilers!

Dan Slott has made a big deal about permabannng anyone who shoots the big reveal about Amazing Spider-Man #698 from all his social media. But who cares? Not I!

Do not continue if you do not want Amazing Spider-Man #698 spoiled. Here is a scan that gives it all away. You were warned!


This is your last chance to turn away!

Thanks to this guy for posting the scan! So what do you all think????

Dark Souls: Xbox 360 Video Game Review

Bandai Namco
Version Reviewed: Xbox 360
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What they say: Live Through A Million Deaths & Earn Your Legacy
Enter a dark world filled with despair and threaded by hope where your ability to creatively strategize, learn and overcome unpredictable and unique challenges determines your fate. Dark Souls will demand your absolute concentration, unflinchingly punish your mistakes, but reward your ability to learn from death. Each challenge is a mind game met with endless combinations that will test your ability to creatively strategize a way to conquer unimaginable monsters and progress deeper into this bleak and forbidding environment filled with the un-dead.

What I say: Does that description above sound scary? It does not even begin to scratch the surface of how evil this game is. Being the spiritual successor of Demons Souls, Dark Souls follows a similar structure but opens the world up so that you can tackle the game in whatever order you want (or are able to). Demons Souls has a hard game but it was surmountable with a little bit of knowledge and persistence. Dark Souls punishes you relentlessly if you played Demons Souls. Everything you were used to has been tweaked, changed, and fiddled with as to use those expectations against you. And if you have not played it, you are even worse off.

I played Dark Souls for a year off and on (thus why this review is just now hitting), and there were numerous times I just had to walk away for a while. But the last time I got back to the game it really hit me what this game is really about. On the surface it may seem like a fantasy RPG, a damn hard one to be sure, but it does seem like fantasy right? Wrong! The game is a carefully crafted metaphor. A metaphor for what you might ask? I’ll tell you what; Dark Souls is a metaphor for being in an abusive relationship.

Now I really want you to think what about what I just said. Why in God’s name would any rational human being continue to play a game like this, let alone finish it? I’ll tell you why, like an abusive relationship, once you start it, put time into it, and at one point enjoy it it’s hard to let go. You have invested time and yourself into the experience, and you want that to pay off. So you continue to work at it, you yell and scream, you make progress and feel better, then you fall back into the abuse and God help you, you miss it when you leave. It feels like you are a quitter when you give up and you come back. Again.

Oh yeah, you’re screwed!

After all the frustration, aggravation, and high blood pressure you see a light at the end of the tunnel. I was stretched almost to madness more than once completing this “game”. But the feeling you get when you finish the game, the elation, it mirrors the feeling that one must get when they finally get away from that abusive husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/pimp. It feels GOOD despite the fact it has easily one of the top five worst endings in video game history. Usually I get mad about a weak ending but I didn’t care in Dark Souls, it was over and that’s all that mattered.

I’m sure it seems like I’ve been awful hard on Dark Souls, but I’m glad I played it. It really made me rethink how I feel about entertainment and how that entertainment affects me. Despite all the anger, rage, weeping, sadness, depression, explosive diarrhea, emasculation, and madness I have never felt the rush I got when those end credits rolled. I truly felt like I accomplished something, but I don’t know if it was worth the cost to my health and sanity.

There is an expansion available but I won’t be playing, I have been abused enough.

Dark Souls: 7/10

The Swan Princess Christmas: Holiday DVD Review

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Director: Richard Rich
Stars: James Arrington, Maxine Blue and G.K. Bowes
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What they say: Princess Odette, Prince Derek and their trusted woodland friends reunite in this all-new adventure for their first Christmas celebration together! As the kingdom prepares for a festive holiday, the villainous Rothbart plots to destroy Christmas. Will the castle friends be able to stop Rothbart and save the day? Told in beautiful CG animation for the very first time and featuring music by Anna Graceman from TV’s “America’s Got Talent”, “The Swan Princess Christmas” is an enchanting musical holiday treat the whole family will enjoy.

Magical Storybook Read-Along, Two Exciting Sing-Along Videos, “Season of Love” Music Video by Anna Graceman, Making of the Music Video.

What I say: My younger brother, my older sister, and I sat down and watch this. Let me tell you this was the longest hour and something minutes in my life. I felt like I was sitting there for hours and hours! To teenagers, this is the dumbest thing made since Spongebob! I mean I would be more than happy to watch Spongebob over that! EVEN DORA! But for kids, they love it. I don’t understand why they enjoy it, but they do. My brother had sat down and watched it with us and seemed pleased with it after watching this. For children, it’s fine. For teens and up, it is childish!

For people who have seen the Swan Princess movies, this is pretty much the same thing, only with Christmas! Prince with Princess, Villain sometime in the movie kidnaps the Princess; Princess somehow saves Princess, Mix in some Christmas and -poof- it’s over! I mean really, same plot line, every time!

The characters cover all the bases, the Princess, the Prince, their parents, the villain, and the 3 or 4 talking animals. I mean, come on! These characters got old 3 movies ago!

When you see the first Swan Princess, it is in traditional animation, but when you see this one, it is in CG! OMG that made it even worse! I like CG animation on stuff like that! That tells ya something. It was still and it it actually took a dip in quality.

Film: 5/10 (Add 2 points if you are under 7)

DVD: 7/10